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Do you think this can be repaired?

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So I’ve noticed a slow puncture on the passenger side rear wheel thanks to TPMS.

I was looking for some advice as to whether this can repaired or if I need a new tyre.

It’s done 3000 miles. If I replace the tyre, like-for-like, do you think there’ll be any noticeable difference in the drive as one tyre will be 3000 miles older than the other? How much difference is terms of tread would you say is “too much?”

I’ll take it to the tyre shop but thought I’d ask on here just in case they and stitch me up (rather than the tyre).


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sorry Saf but I agree that tyre is toast

at 3000 miles I don't think you will have a problem replacing one tyre on the axle

just bad luck
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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