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Downloading to Jukebox

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I have been using music stored on a 32gb thumb drive as a source. It's connected to the glovebox USB. However I am interested in downloading some playlists to the Jukebox so I can preselect music for a road trip. When I hit the option button the Jukebox menu selection for doing so is grayed out. When clicked it states the operation is not available at this time or something to that effect. Does bluetooth need to be off and/or a BT device not also connected to the PCM?

Additionally, I hate having to directly connect the phone to the PCM with a cable each time I get into the car for CarPlay to work. In my Ram truck, the phone connects via BT when I enter and I can then use Siri to make and receive calls and text messages. No wire required and not even for playing media. I realize this isn't going to happen in my Boxster, but would adding a SIM card associated with my cellular account mitigate the need to use a tethered connection for CarPlay?
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Gentlemen, some background on Porsche and CarPlay:

Wireless CarPlay is only enabled on vehicles that have the software to operate wireless CarPlay on board. Porsches don't have that software. Meanwhile, many VWs do -- as do many other marques ranging from the aforementioned BMW to Hyundai (actually the first marque to feature wireless CarPlay, not BMW) and Ford.

What that means is that it's Porsche's decision, not its parent company's (VW AG), to not feature wireless CarPlay. Porsche has a history of not doing things in its Infotainment software (and elsewhere: do a search on 'black box Porsche' and learn about another one) that its parent company does do. What that signifies is that the Infotainment philosophy at Porsche is significantly different than at VW -- or at Audi, for that matter. Wireless convenience is not currently part of that philosophy.

Just because a so-called 'lesser' marque does something doesn't mean a higher-line marque should also do that same thing. It's all about what that marque represents as a brand, both to its existing customers and its own niches in the marketplace. Porsche has deemed wireless CarPlay as not critical to its brand positioning and to the intended scope of operation of its vehicles. You might not like that -- just as plenty don't like BMW's pay-to-CarPlay model -- but it is what it is through gobs and gobs of all manner of market study.
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@Viffermike I accept all of that, but will it work with a dedicated SIM card installed and linked to my cellular account so I don't have to keep plugging in and unlocking the phone? :)
It will not. CarPlay is fundamentally a function of iOS, not PCM or the data on the SIM card. The SIM card has no bearing on iOS' basic operation.
That's part and parcel as to why an iPhone will still operate without a SIM installed -- it's a computer, after all, with telephony as just one of its functions.
What I'm unsure of is if an iPhone with no SIM card will work through CarPlay. iPod Touch models do not work through CarPlay, but that capability is not nascent to the device (and to the version of iOS it runs) like it is in an iPhone.
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