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e brake noise?

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Has anyone noticed a physical and noticeable sound when just they just start to drive car? My 718 has a noise just after leaving garage when I turn the wheel. A friend called me last night with new Caymen with the same problem. I am not using the electronic parking brake. Any ideas!
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sorry for incorrect grammar. I was in a hurry for my first post. I called my local Porsche dealer and he cleared up the issue. Apparently when its very cold, low 30"s, and you have summer tires, the tires will make a popping sound when in a turn, then when they warmup all is good.
It's actually the tyre skipping & losing grip, but completely normal & nothing to worry about. It's due to the 'Ackerman' principle which puts the tyres at different angles to each other in combination with extremely wide tyres & stiff sidewalls which don't flex sufficiently to compensate. It'll only ever occur at very low speed & isn't specific to just this car. Had you made it clearer in your original post I'd have replied, but it was rather vague.
Not necessarily if the temps are that low temporarily. For instance: mine make the described noise in ambient temps well into the 50s F if the tires are on any sort of polished or smoothed concrete (i.e., a parking garage). Winter tires in those temps? Naw.

OP: Thanks for the clarification, and welcome to the forum!
I'll second that, it really doesn't need to be that cold at all & my 987, 981 & 982/718 have all demonstrated exactly the same behaviour, often at temperatures still suitable for summer tire/tyre use.
But he wasn't talking about 50s - that doesn't need winter tires - he was talking about 30s, that is where winter tires start to be needed.
Fair enough, but I believe Mike is simply making the point that if temperatures are only that low very temporarily it's not really worth changing to winter tyres/tires & also that summer tyres/tires can skip & make the noise at temperatures at which they are still eminently suitable for use. That's because it isn't only temperature that has a bearing, the turning surface affects it greatly as well. Regarding fitment of winter tyres/tires:- Where I live for instance, currently temperatures will dip to the 30's or lower for a couple of hours, or maybe for the occasional day & then we might have several days where it's way above 50 Fahrenheit. It simply wouldn't make any sense for me to keep changing to wheels fitted with winter tyres/tires & back again. If I fitted winter tyres/tires & left them on for the entirety of our winter, I'd spend far more time with slightly compromised grip than I do by simply leaving the car with summer tyres/tires fitted. It's not ideal but those are the practicalities of it.
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I live in North Texas. We see lows in the low 30s seasonally this time of year, but the average highs are in the mid-50s. Why in the world would I feel the need to slap winter tires on my car?

The OP lives outside of Charlotte, N.C., which gets 2 inches of snow a year. Two. The average low temp in January is 31. (In Dallas, it's 30.) The average high is 51. (In Dallas, it's 56). The climate is very similar. As long as the OP doesn't drive west into the mountains and dosn't drive the car consistently when temps are below freezing, he's fine.
Those temperatures are pretty much on par with what I was saying about our winter temperatures & I don't know anyone in the area I reside that fits winter tyres/tires & nor have I ever, because it just isn't necessary. I'm sorry Russell & no offence intended, but to advise someone to fit winter tyres/tires purely to fix a problem that isn't even actually a problem is pretty poor advice. Being as I live in a very temperate climate where we experience neither extremes of cold or heat my car will often experience that behaviour throughout the majority of the year, as did my previous 981 & 987. For someone like Johan winter tyres/tires are a must, but one size doesn't fit all & for me the idea of fitting winter tyres/tires is nonsense.
If you run on 20" you better get used to that sound at lower speeds while turning :)
There's a tarmac car park outside one of our local supermarkets & I always park my cars in roughly the same place (away from pretty much everything else). Nothing about the surface seems to be in any way extraordinary, but nigh on every time I reverse out of the space when leaving (full lock) my car tyres will jump/lose traction in the described manner. That happens no matter what the time of year unless it's extremely hot (very rare) & has occurred with the 987, 981 & 982. It also occurs often when manoeuvring in & out of my garage (although a little less so), which again requires full lock. It's just one of those things you get used to, a little disconcerting when you first experience it, but very much the norm with these vehicles. ;)
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