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e brake noise?

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Has anyone noticed a physical and noticeable sound when just they just start to drive car? My 718 has a noise just after leaving garage when I turn the wheel. A friend called me last night with new Caymen with the same problem. I am not using the electronic parking brake. Any ideas!
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If you run on 20" you better get used to that sound at lower speeds while turning :)

And for Winter tires vs summer tires.
As long as there is no snow or snow mud summer tires actually works good below freezing.
Wet roads below freezing not so good due to the compound, winter tires are way softer.
But if its a bit over freezin and it REALY rains then winter tires Sucks due to the thread thats made to build friction to the road surface.

Just compare the thread and it all becomes clear :)
I live in the South of Sweden and here we have quick changes from snowy roads to moonsun rain in the Winter :(
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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