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Good Morning - As the title suggests, I am in the very early stages of looking to acquire a 718 Cayman. I am on my 4th Cayman having owned an 08 CS, Cayman R, 2014 2.7L, and now drive a bespoke (aka custom ordered) 2016 2.7L (in my Avatar). I will be test driving both a Base and an S this week when I take my Cayman in for 20,000 mile service. My initial leanings are towards the S to take advantage of the variable turbo and lower boost pressure (longevity). The test drive will help me in my decision process. I will likely order again with the main question being whether I pull the trigger on a 2019 or wait a year and do a 2020. The decision will likely depend on if the 2020 is a substantive redesign (and engine changes - e.g., if Porsche follows form, it is possible that the 2020 S may be an updated version of what they do with the GTS). Opinions more than welcome.
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