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Engine Air Filter Replacement...

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I plan to replace the engine air filter in my 2017 Cayman S, but I have run into a snag.

There are two air filter part numbers for the 2.5 liter engine, 982-129-620-A and 982-129-620-B

Use the B-Type if the engine is "without cold protection". A-Type if the engine has "cold protection".

How do I know if my car has cold protection?

What is cold protection?

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I changed my air filter today at nearly 6,000 miles:


Not too bad, but maybe a bit dirtier than I expected. The Porsche Club GB document was invaluable, but one thing it failed to mention was to watch out for / keep track of the black plastic cones that help hold the first four panels you need to remove:


Sometimes they come out with the panel, and other times they remain loosely floating in the mounting point. It's pretty easy to lose one and have to pull out parts of the truck carpeting to find where they got to. (Ahem.)
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