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Engine Air Filter Replacement...

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I plan to replace the engine air filter in my 2017 Cayman S, but I have run into a snag.

There are two air filter part numbers for the 2.5 liter engine, 982-129-620-A and 982-129-620-B

Use the B-Type if the engine is "without cold protection". A-Type if the engine has "cold protection".

How do I know if my car has cold protection?

What is cold protection?

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I checked and my 718 came from the factory with the 982-129-620-B air filter.

I don't have an answer on what exactly "cold protection" means. That's still a mystery to me....

When you pull your old air filter out, I would just make sure the old and new part numbers match. It should be the 982-129-620-B part number.
How/where did you find this info?
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