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Entry & Drive relocking after opening frunk

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I have Entry & Drive. I frequently get out of my car, lock the car, and then go open the frunk to get my briefcase. can I close the frunk and walk away? or do i have to walk back to the door and lock it again (or use the remote)? The manual isn't clear.
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Hi Mike. No need to relock the car. If you get out, lock the car, then pop either trunk, once you close the trunk, the car should automatically lock itself and set the alarm again. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm 95% certain. And it doesn't matter if you have Entry & Drive or not. Even a non Entry & Drive car will do the same, as long as you lock the car, then pop the trunk after, it should re-lock itself once you close the trunk.
My '17 Boxster (no E&D) will only finish the locking if the boot is opened and THEN the doors are locked. Opening the boot with the doors already locked (eg.--returning to the car with shopping) leaves the doors unlocked when the boot is closed.
The only thing I dislike is having to remember to put the keys well away from the car when pressure washing. If you don't & the water hits either of those spots then the inside gets wet.

I actually use the ignition fob in the normal manner when starting/stopping the car though, the little turn fob on keyless entry cars can be easily removed (unclips). I removed it because it looks a little too much like an actual key & very occasionally in some locations I became a little concerned some brainless oaf might break in, assuming it to be just that.
The first disadvantage I knew about, the second I'd never considered--but 'urk'!

I'm still glad my dealer discouraged that option. He said it was not OK for Porsche's sport range.:D
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