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Errant beep beeps!

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This morning my car had a healthy covering of frost. Temperature was -2.0 C. The parking sensors were going ballistic - red zone on FR side even though there was nothing close by. I put it down to the frost which dissipated after a mile or so.

Anyone else had this?
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I have had this on just about every car I have ever owned with parking sensors, snow and ice will do that.
I haven't taken delivery of my 718 Boxster yet, but I am sure it would do the same if I would ever let it out in the cold :D

I did however have a related experience with my Golf GTI today, the radar for the automatic cruise control was covered with snow which spawned a myriad of warning lights in the dash.
Nothing that brushing the snow off the sensor couldn't solve.

This also makes me wonder what we will do when everybody has self-driving vehicles and nobody know how to drive, will everybody just stay home when it is cold or snowing? ;)
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