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Exhaust Systems

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The loud popping mode with valves opened makes the Boxster sound like a lawn mower. So far, the SwitchPath exhaust sounds the best to me with its low growl. Everything else seems high pitched to my ears.
It was a little bit hard to differentiate between a few of them and it's probably because this is on video with a regular camera and mic ? I can't really justify any of them properly.

I have the sports exhaust option on my Cayman S. Maybe it's the quality of my laptop speakers - but after watching the video, I am having a hard time distinguishing the difference between the sound of the OE exhaust and the sound of the aftermarket systems.

How much deeper do the aftermarket systems sound in real life compared to the OE sports exhaust when Sport mode is activated? Is it a significant difference?
I can't tell the difference at all, but my laptop speakers may just be weak as ****. Is there any dB levels on them?
Sorry for the delay, you will notice the most difference coming from the non-PSE systems. It depends a little on which system you go with. The AWE Tuning Track Edition and the Fabspeed Supercup are going to be the loudest of the group. The rest are going to be closer to the PSE system in sound. There are some longer videos on YouTube or our product pages. We tried to just cut up a few to give a flavor. You will also here more turbo spool with the systems mentioned above.
Has anyone actually had one of these after market exhaust systems installed on their 718 and feel it was successful in getting a deeper exhaust sound while reducing the pops and gurgles? Going by the sound on the video is a little hard to judge.
I've got a base Cayman on order with no PSE, and I understand when not in sport mode the pops and gurgles are limited anyway, is that correct??? But a deeper tone would be nice.
To answer part 2, yes, with sport mode off, the pops and gurgles are more subdued, but still there. Even when it's on, you only really hear them up to about 35 mph...after that, you don't really hear the engine, with or without sport mode on IMO. I don't have an aftermarket exhaust, but have been researching them too like you. Hard to decide.
I'm leaning towards the awe setup. Still hesitant to pull the trigger. Lol
So is Fabspeed the only ones making a turboback right now?
No. Armytrix does, but it is 3 times as much
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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