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Extended Warranty?

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I was originally quoted 5400 with 250 deductible for a 96 month 80,000 mile Platinum (exclusion warranty)
After saying no, and 24 hours going by - I am now at 3600 with 100 deductible - this seems almost reasonable -

Any Insights?
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I’m in NE Ohio too. Avon. Anyway, read the actual contract before deciding. Exclusionary is the better type, that’s for sure. How long does your factory warranty have left? If new, you are effectively doubling the time and miles. It would be easy to have one repair cost $3k.

I’m generally not a fan of these types of products, but depending on the language it might be ok. It won’t take affect until factory coverage is over.
On average, the consumer will pay more for extended service agreements vs. what they receive in benefits. If that wasn't the case, companies wouldn't sell them. I had a CPO 2002 996 while back and it had over $10k in repairs during the 2 yr CPO period. Thankfully it was a CPO car. I sold it after the 2 yr CPO period due to IMS failure concerns.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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