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Latest information for UK customers seeking factory collection; provided after I requested more information about the factory collection process;

If the customer would like to collect their car from Germany directly, then we have the factory collection, there is no option to just pick up the car. Unfortunately we do not offer winter tyres as a factory fit on sports cars and so collections in the winter months (September to March) are not possible. Given April would be the earliest collection date, you would be looking at a February/March build slot in 2019., but hopefully the below should clear up most things:

As requested please find below some information for you and your customer regarding Factory Collection. This is for your information, so you can summarise to the customer.

We offer factory collection as a package, this means that as well as arranging the factory collection itself we also arrange travel to and from Germany and the factory.

The Travel aspect is be-spoked, and as a result can vary in price. However all options include air fare out to Germany, hotels, transfers, and the Euro Tunnel back for one vehicle. All travel is based on one customer and one guest.

As for prices, this a rough guide but depending on what the customer chooses to do with his travel plans, prices may vary:

Factory Collection Stuttgart £632.00 (Customer pays for this when they pay for the car)
Travel (Prices vary) £750.00 (Customer pays this direct to Hunt and Palmer, our assigned travel provider)

The factory collection itself is made up of the following:

Factory Tour
Visit to the Porsche Museum
Three Course Lunch
Vehicle Hand-over
Full tank of fuel
Factory collection gift.

When the customer leaves the factory he will have nine days insurance and registration on temporary "Zol" plates. So if they want to make a holiday of it, they can. We can also extend this, at an additional cost and prior agreement. It is important to advise the customer that they cannot drive in the UK on these "Zol" plates. The first journey in the UK should be to the Porsche Centre where the car is registered.

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Interesting...it's a $0 option in the US, but apparently it costs the dealership a fair bit of cash. I went with PEC delivery instead, because I was terrified of driving in Europe.

If you go with the European delivery from the US, don't you still have to pay your own travel and hotel? Or is that included for free?
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