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For me, a Touring or Grand Touring car (like the 718, regardless what Porsche Marketing says), is made for this:

Touring the country, grand landscapes, the enjoyment of being out there, in nature.

We (my wife and I) decided to take a daytrip to the Catskills in Upstate New York, to gauge what is the existing situation with the fall foliage (we know from a previous life that it can be spectacular). Before I entertain you with a few photos, the report is that we think that fall colors in that area will reach their peak in 10 to 14 days. Hopefully we will regale you with better photos then.


The only way to fly...


I think the rear quarter view is fantastic


Some plants were already on fire!


The rest of it is getting there

Feel free to add your Fall Foliage photos to this thread, so that all of us can enjoy vicariously the different places our great country has to offer!

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What a fabulous time for a day trip in upstate NY. Thank you for posting your beautiful photos!


Last fall on the Kakamangus Highway (NH White Mountains) after purchasing my lovely bride's 2017 SL 450 in Portsmouth. The foliage was slightly pre-peak, but spectacular and multicolored all the way through the NY, PA, MD & WV mountains, as well as along the entire Blueridge Parkway. Fall can be breathtaking pretty much everywhere, including our TX hill country...albeit sometime around Thanksgiving.

Her SL doesn't belong on the track, thus the reason for adding the BS....total win-win! :sneaky:
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At the risk of making this thread take even longer to load I must post these pics taken yesterday:

Alas, we must be away for home tomorrow. But the good thing is that I get to drive the 285 miles in Portia, the 718 Porsche Cayman.
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