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Finally did it!

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After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to do it and ordered a Carmine Red 718 last week with a real three pedal manual transmission. Since it is a custom build it will not be delivered until April and this is going to be very trying, in a good way, on my patience. In my mind the 718 Boxter is analogous in appearance to that magnetically gorgeous woman who instantly captures everyone's eyes when she struts into a room. I've had great two seat manual transmission cars continuously since 1974 but this car is clearly orders of magnitude above all but a couple of them in both appearance and/or performance.

Since this is my first Porche I have a lot of questions for which I hope to use the resources this forum answers to help with. The Porche approach is very different in many respects to the what I am accustomed too (BMW) and I can already see what an enjoyable learning experience this is going to be.
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Congratulations, I got my 718 and first Porsche
this past summer and have enjoyed every drive so far, unfortunately I an in WNY and its put away for the winter. I was all set to order but found almost the exact car I wanted in Florida so bought it and had it shipped north .
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