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First ding :(

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Here, when you think you've done everything right the car will still take some damage. I drove to LA last weekend and finally got around to washing the car today. And right at the end, under the garage lights, I saw it. :( I sent a shot to my detailer and he thinks with touchup paint he can help. It makes me wonder if I should have done the entire body of the car in PPF, not just the race kit. :(


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I know how you feel. I've got two very tiny dots on my rear wing from being careless with the floppy nozzle when inflating tyres. Nobody can see them. EXCEPT ME every time I get in and out of the bloody car. IMO even the professionals leave chips even worse when they touch up on the basis that their job is to protect the base metal from corrosion. Not sure this is an issue with galvanised or aluminium. I might try that Dr Colour Chip system on recommendation from this forum. It's also available in UK but not cheap if it's only ordinary touch up paint with a few other application bits. I can't see how you can manage to get paint in the chip without overlapping the surrounding paint, even a little makes the chip show worse. And I can't see how the solution they provide to remove any excess paint doesn't also remove the new paint from inside the chip. But hey ho, you've gotta try.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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