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Thanks! I totally optioned the bejeezus out of it and I have no regrets. No way you would find this on the used market 5 years hence. So – driving this beauty into the ground! Bury it next to me.

Also, ingress and egress must be some interpretative dance / ballet to onlookers who see me in the parking lot.

Lexus RX? Slide your butt sideways and boom you're sitting.

This thing? (left side driving countries) Insert right foot inward into pedal zone, shift head leftward to avoid head bonking, angle butt rightwards toward seat, now orient head forwards, then angle left foot inward slowly through air-space so as not to scuff seating or door panel.
Yea, it is a trick. Maybe it is age, but I have to open the door, turn my butt into the door opening, left hand on the protruding seat wing, lower into seat using left hand to keep from rubbing the seat wing, scoot back in seat while bringing bent right knee under steering wheel, then the left leg in. It's a fairly smooth operation but it may look weird going in butt first. The first time my wife got into the passenger seat, she got in like a normal car and found dropping into nothingness was very painful and hard on the back. I still hear about that two years later. So, my advice, help your passenger in the first time before getting in yourself.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts