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First long ride with new 2019 718S- short review

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So it's killing me that I still have only 600 miles on my Porsche.... keeping it under 4000 RPM is almost impossible... I already have gone over a little a few times. :D So today I drove over 120 miles- mixed highway and side streets. Here's what I think:

The ride comfort is amazing. So **** comfortable. Firm but not harsh in the least! On highways it's sooo easy to get the MPH up...
Handling- wow- just not enough roads to fully enjoy/test how good this car is. I got on it on a couple on-ramps and I was surprised that the rear got a little loose but felt so stable and didn't fish tail much.
I love the 6 Spd.. so fun driving a stick again... even though I have to short shift a bit to keep RPMS down (break in issue).
For me, the rev matching on down shifts is sweet. I can't do heel to toe and this makes life so nice. Only problem is when I don't have it in Sport/Sport+ mode and I forget there is no rev matching!

There are some things that I wish were different. I think there should be another gear- on the highway the RPMs are up there and you have to be in normal mode otherwise it gets noisy. Wish it had 7 speeds or a taller 6th.

I'm in my 50s... and I'll admit the popping and gurgling around the slower roads is fun... but I really want to use the rev matching without Sport/Sport+. Sport/Sport+ bumps idle RPM to 1000 and makes it louder. You can use Sport/Sport+ with PSE off but it's still louder than Normal mode (no idea how). Most of the time I'd rather just hear the mechanicals and be able to hear the sounds of the tires on tight corners.

As a funny point... my other vehicle is a DodgeRAM 1500. When I'm in the 718 I feel like I'm looking up to all the cars/trucks around me... weird feeling. Feels like my butt is 3 inches off the ground!

If anyone is curious here is what my build is:
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We are in the same boat... I almost have 500 miles now. First manual transmission in many years. I have removed the soundaktor fuse and am still playing with that and the difference it makes in sport/sport+ mode. I have also been experimenting with some acoustic panels in the rear to see how much that reduces road and engine noise.
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