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This is cross-posted from Facebook...pardon the duplication if you saw it there.

Hi everyone. First Porsche for me....got rid of my 2018 Audi S5 Cabrio to get this. The Audi was just lacking something...I was never completely happy with it, even though it was fantastic car overall. I found this 2017 Boxster S at a Chicago area "exotic" car dealer (and shipped to me in Virginia)....not a single scratch, and only 3K miles. I had to jump on it...also included H&R springs and full frontal Xpel protective film. The only thing it doesn't have that I really wanted was sport exhaust...not for the exhaust itself, but for the programming/wiring so that I could swap in an aftermarket valved system. Not sure which way I'm going yet.

Not many pictures yet...just getting it registered and inspected, etc. I've only driven it a little, but I'm all smiles. Wife doesn't really appreciate the lowering springs, but I'm fine with the experience. Now if only Porsche would offer/release Android Auto software upgrade for the PCM...

Anyway, glad to be here, and happy to meet you all.




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I might be biased, but I love the color combination. ;) Buying a pre-owned may come with drawbacks (not getting a configuration exactly the way you want), but also some advantages such as extras like the PP at no cost, which isn't insignificant. Good luck and enjoy!
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