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..or with the contrast stitching!
could you imagine??

the option of embroidered cupholder logo in contrast stitching on leather covered dash trim...I wonder how much that would be??
(I'm still in "awe" of the very dear pricing of the manual gear lever in deviated stitching)

one of the options that I can't relate to are fuse box covers in leather (with stitching) - unless your head is below the dash board - its a feature you pretty much can't see for $340 for the pair of them

I'd opt for sun visors in Race-Tex $590 over that - but since the US models come with those stickers on them...
-I'm keeping the standard Race-Tex headliner. The sun visors would look cool in Race-Tex
But...I'd be paranoid about any passengers touching them if they didn't have absolutely clean hands.

so I'm not getting them.

I'm already spending plenty of additional leather covered / stitched items in my build already
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