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First track day of the season - Lime Rock!

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I did my first track day of the year last Monday at Lime Rock in CT. The weather was a day of extremes. When I got up at 5 there was a thunderstorm going on. After wondering for about half an hour whether or not I should actually go due to the weather I decided to go.

The drive up was very wet, and I even had to back-track at one point due to downed trees. But I managed to arrive at the track at 8. Then at 8:30 the clouds parted and we had blue sky at 65 degrees! So the first session, pictured below going into turn one, was great!

Then around 11 or so the torrential rain came back. This put a damper on the next two sessions, with only a handful of people going out - I was not one of them. Luckily, the rain stopped around 2 or so, and the track dried out, even though the clouds remained. So I got one more session on a drying track. So quite fun in the end!


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Do you do the brake pad and/or rotor change yourself? If so how do you change the rear rotors? Does the electric handbrake make it difficult to do them without the appropriate software control?
FWIW, I just did the rears on my wife's 981. Same brake pads as our 718s in the rear. It is easier than the fronts, no need to remove caliper. Old school 911 type w pins holding pads in place. I have not done my 718 yet, honestly have not even taken a good look, but if the pads are the same I would guess the replacement is the same...
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