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First track day tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is the first time, so looking forward to it, installed my numbers tonight, trying to pack everything I think I will need(that will fit in the car).

Supposed to be 100 tomorrow, staying cool is going to be tough.

The Wife modeling the numbers and Helmet... :)

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Before my first DE, I dug out of our storage a Rubbermaid Roughneck 18 gal. (roughly 16x16x24") tote that fits perfectly in the frunk (froot) of my 2019 base Cayman. I put my car number on the top and outward facing side of the tote in stenciled duct tape to help mark my spot in the garage area between runs. It was a rainy weekend and all my stuff stayed nice and dry, plus was handy and successfully marked my spot.
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Have a blast and please post a follow up. My first day is next month and I'd love to hear how it went. I'm a bit nervous about theft of my bin while I'm on the track (too many years of urban living).

Where did you buy the number plate? I like the font. Also, is this a NASA event? How did you go with "205", did they tell you or you're hoping you're the only 205 out there?
I know you aren't asking me, but I didn't have anything too valuable in my tote, but a friend put his glasses and iPhone in there while we were on the track. Mine was a PCA event with other folks allowed, but I wasn't too worried about petty theft. Most people are too engaged with their own cars and stuff, and BSing with their friends. Also, I was concerned about number duplication, but my number "78" was not duplicated. There were 5 of number "7" and about two or three of several other numbers out there, but they were on different color and/or model cars, so I guess they didn't worry about it.
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