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First off I hope you can get the parts replaced easily and there is not more damage than you initially have seen.
I have no experience and cannot tell you how to replace the parts as I am still waiting for my 718, since an April 2021 order date.

That said, you are the second forum member in a week that has not been impressed by answers received and intimated you are leaving the forum as the answers received did not give a direct or yes/no answer to your question.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately that is how Internet forums are and probably will be for all time.
People give answers based on their experiences and you will get answers you don’t like but will eventually (maybe) get a direct answer to your question. Sometimes the answers you don’t want will help other people with questions they have but never asked, such as “should I drive my week old Porsche through a car wash”? The consensus seems to be NO and your experience confirms that answer.

An example from a home audio forum:
I have X brand of amp and have the opportunity to buy the same brand but different model to biamp my Y brand of speaker., will this work?
Answers will invariably be:
1. Why are you using that brand of amp.
2. Why biamp?
3. Your speakers are junk buy new ones.
4. What speaker wire are you using?
5. Yes that will work.

Hang in there you may yet get an answer to your question.

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