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Front ISOFIX child-seat advice (UK)

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Hi all, I've searched across this and other forums high and low and I'm none the wiser, any advice would be much appreciated from you bunch.

I specified my CGTS with Isofix as I want to take my 2-3 year old boy out with me as he loves 'Daddies Porsche', now that I'm the lucky Dad of a 4 day old boy too the need to zip away with my oldest and leave mum in some peace is very much needed.

So a combination of choice paralysis and sleep deprivation brings me here -- any advice would be much appreciated!
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Ha, it's in the title ? what seats would folk advise given the text above
Thanks and that's right, that's what I have installed
I know you love giving feedback, so consider your tone, it has affected my engagement in this forum.

As I mentioned I was just after a bit of help after my wife gave birth. Some advice rather than being patronised would be much more helpful. I know you like to reclassify posts too so feel free to link to the feedback section too.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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