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Front window defroster- yikes!

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So I’ve had my 2019 718 for just over a month. Today my front window was fogging a bit. I clicked what was the front window defrost button and was thrown off a bit. The fan was on full blast and I couldn’t figure out why the fan speed switch wouldn’t slow it down. I pulled over and still couldn’t understand. Of course I was able to turn it off but I figured “what if it starts fogging again?” Once I figured it out I was embarrassed. I’ve never had a car do this before. :eek: am I the only one?
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I for one find added intelligence where none was needed a bit annoying. What if I want air coming from those vents but don't want it cold or need it dry? Why can I not select them w/ the A/C off? If it gets to be a problem, I'd change it. These cars won't even let you run with the air on recirc unless the A/C is running. I get that it *could* cause the window to fog but why do they not let me choose? Maybe I just don't want the exhaust of the truck in front of me blowing in for a bit. Last fall there were lots of fires in our area and the valley I live in filled w/ smoke. The car forced me to choose A/C on or blow the smoke in. At what point did drivers become so incapable that we can't be expected to work climate controls?
I thought the automatic air quality control would change to recirculate with poor air quality. Is this not effective for the conditions above? Page 47 | 2017-2019 718 Boxster Manual | Porsche iManuals
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