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Front window defroster- yikes!

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So I’ve had my 2019 718 for just over a month. Today my front window was fogging a bit. I clicked what was the front window defrost button and was thrown off a bit. The fan was on full blast and I couldn’t figure out why the fan speed switch wouldn’t slow it down. I pulled over and still couldn’t understand. Of course I was able to turn it off but I figured “what if it starts fogging again?” Once I figured it out I was embarrassed. I’ve never had a car do this before. :eek: am I the only one?
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Its more like a winter thing or use it when the car is cold and its raining.
At those times the front fogs up when you start the car.
If the front window fogs up while driving just turn on the AC.
This is just hilarious !
All of you that are suprised should spend a week in the snow or cold rainy weather.
Also dont forgett that Boxster even with the top up still is an open car.
So if the drip pan has water in it it will fog as h-ll.
Glad we're humoring you. :D

I certainly do have snow/cold/icy weather around here. However we don't usually have the hurricane defrosting mode as in this fine vehicle. It's usually just part of the regular heat controls that are on the right hand side of the Porsche. The button on the left threw me off. lol

:D 0:)

It might be a US vs EU kind of thing, all my cars have had that feature with or without AC
I for one find added intelligence where none was needed a bit annoying. What if I want air coming from those vents but don't want it cold or need it dry? Why can I not select them w/ the A/C off? If it gets to be a problem, I'd change it. These cars won't even let you run with the air on recirc unless the A/C is running. I get that it *could* cause the window to fog but why do they not let me choose? Maybe I just don't want the exhaust of the truck in front of me blowing in for a bit. Last fall there were lots of fires in our area and the valley I live in filled w/ smoke. The car forced me to choose A/C on or blow the smoke in. At what point did drivers become so incapable that we can't be expected to work climate controls?

You can choose whatever vent you want to use, as driving top down in the cold, i use full heat, high blower and the air from the floor only.
But its correct that closed circulations means AC on.
I’ve experienced the same thing and asked my service technician about it. He told me the alternative is to direct A/C out the top vents (towards your face) and that will also direct air out through the vents against the windshield to keep it fog-free. I’ve tried this and it works, plus retaining the ability to control the air flow and temperature. He couldn’t explain why the defrost is programmed that way, so I can’t help there.
I cant see how people see this as a issue, its like a safety thing.
If you dont like it do as above tech says.

And again, every car i have owned have had this feature and it has been European cars.
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