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Full Brake Bleed How-To - Do you need to bleed the ABS module?

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It's inevitable that someone chimes in and says, "The bleed isn't complete until you've bled the ABS module!" But is this true? Check out my full brake bleed how-to where we get to discussing the need for ABS bleed and how to do it.
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The WSM only specifies ABS bleed if the ABS pump is replaced.

So… no. As per any headline that ends in a question mark.
Thanks, and that agrees with the general idea specified in other manuals. Do you happen to have a screen shot of that from the WSM to share?
I’ve flushed my brakes three times now for track days. Don’t bleed the system completely. (I did this when replacing the brake lines to stainless) If you drain the system completely you will need to do the ABS bleed which means you will need a system like the MaxiCOM. If the brake pedal goes to the floor after bleeding, this means you need to do the ABS bleed, and you might have to do it a few times. It’s a two person job. If you just bleed the brakes like normal or use a pump, it flushes just fine. The Motive power brake bleeder works really well for this. Got it on Amazon cheap and it came with the correct cap for the 718.
I was looking on Amazon so I could have a link in the video description, but couldn’t find a kit that came with the 1100 adapter. So I just linked the bleeder and adapter separately.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts