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Good deal? New 718

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Hello all. I live in London, UK. I was wanting to change the car to a Porsche and was looking at the Boxster.

A local dealer has offered me a pre-reg car for something close to the base price but essentially all the options for free (metallic paint, bigger wheels, sports seats, chrono, parking sensors, bi xenon lights, seat heating, multifunction wheel etc ). If I value all the options works out as approximately a 20-25% saving against new. Alternatively, it’s basically the car at list but with the options.

I was debating whether this is worth it. I was thinking about waiting for the potential face lift but also seems like a good deal? Any thoughts?

thank you
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What year is the car. The closer to current the better the deal. How many miles does it have. Is it being sold as new or as used and if so is it CPO'd and how much time is added to the warranty as per British CPO.

The closer to new and the closer to 2020, the better the deal. A new 2020 would be a total steal. A used 2017-2018 with no CPO would not be a good deal at all.

Also how do you feel about the options - are they options you would want. If they are not options you want then it does not really help. Looking at the options they are definitely options I would want but that is me, perhaps your options list is different. Take for example NAV. I live by apple play and Waze and so paying even a dollar or a quid as you put it for NAV would be a wasted quid

Finally most of our answers are going to be based on the US market and the European (which for the moment I believe still includes you ?) might be a little different.
What year?
Has the warranty started and if so when?
If not considered new is it CPO?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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