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Good deal? New 718

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Hello all. I live in London, UK. I was wanting to change the car to a Porsche and was looking at the Boxster.

A local dealer has offered me a pre-reg car for something close to the base price but essentially all the options for free (metallic paint, bigger wheels, sports seats, chrono, parking sensors, bi xenon lights, seat heating, multifunction wheel etc ). If I value all the options works out as approximately a 20-25% saving against new. Alternatively, it’s basically the car at list but with the options.

I was debating whether this is worth it. I was thinking about waiting for the potential face lift but also seems like a good deal? Any thoughts?

thank you
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Thank you. The car is essentially brand new with 5 miles on the clock.
Sounds like an amazing deal. I've just purchased an ex OPC 2019 (69 plate registered in September) with 2 year additional warranty, 1 FOC service, and a number of options that I'd want (so list is circa £71k new). Only difference is it has 8.5k miles on it (saves me running the engine in). Equivalent discount is circa 15%.

Which version are you looking at?, base, S, GTS?

They are great cars, have you spent much time in one before? Whatever way you jump - enjoy the chase. Do you have a link to the for sale ad?
Thank you. It’s the base model I was going for and I did test drive one this weekend. I haven’t had a Porsche before so maybe I was a bit less wound up by the 4 vs. 6 cylinders.

I did enjoy it very much. Which car did you go for?

It’s not on the web but was one of the central London dealers.
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Thank you all for the input. That’s a very smart car, Fnumber. It’s a good point - I should drive the S too although the reality is I don’t drive that much at all hence my view that a base model could be sufficient. I drive a JCW at the moment - similar in some ways but very different!
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