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Got my new 718BS

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Finally after all my research and for all of your help, finally picked up a white 2017 718 Boxster S with a few goodies. I’ll take some more pictures outside tomorrow but here she is....#brooklyn


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Kind of a thrill, huh? :) You'll tell us your experiences with the Boxter in Brooklyn?!

My very first impression is 350hp is a lot for this small car. Very noticeable difference than the base. I have yoko tires and if not careful, her ass would swing out a little but traction control gets her back in line. Bose is not as bad as people think. Google maps is cool. LCA really works for this car. I’m not a Porsche aficionado but the sound is not bad either, especially in sport, albeit a little quiet. I got the GT steering wheel and already looking to change it to the multifunction. I don’t like taking my hand (nor my eyes) off the wheel to change the radio or switch to nav. CarPlay, still figuring it out.

Also the car is stunning, I got a lot of looks when driving home. Not many 718’s by me, only seen one Red 718 cayman.

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