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Good day All

Apologies for yet another request for feedback.

My spec is about to lock in with the interior being Graphite and Crayon Sport Tex. I was going to get the passenger footwell net and asked my SA if it’s matched to the blue carpet to which they said no, it would be black.

However I found pics of this interior on the 911 and it is blue. Am hoping someone with a 718 can confirm they too have a colour keyed storage net. The pics I found show the bracket in blue but hard to make out if the whole thing is.

Sorry again for the silly ask ?


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First, I would research part numbers. Are they the same for the 718 version and 911 version?

If not, your dealer's likely right. Porsche may simply not produce it in a color other than black for the 718.
If so, you likely will have two options if you keep the order:
  • It'll be delivered in blue, and all will be well.
  • If it's delivered in black, buy the blue version and install it yourself. I seriously doubt that the part is anywhere close to being cost-prohibitive.

I'd go ahead and order it. The more storage options you have in this car, the better.
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