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Green Cayman

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Not an option in the configurator....here's a Crayon Cayman wrapped in Green

Here's how it looked (not bad!) in the original factory paint

Interesting YT page, host Sam is no doubt bringing a lot of attention (and young demographic) to the 718. I like the comment posts noting that his new 'daily driver' 718 S is faster than his exotic supercar Ferrari 360.
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Yes...it's nice to see younger people interested in these cars. A good sign.

As for the colour of the wrap.......not my taste at all.

I remember many, many years ago when I was in college and has a tatty British Racing Green MGA roadster. A good friend of mine admired the colour of my car and decided to have his MGA Coupe painted the same shade of green. But they screwed up and it came out similar to the Cayman above.
When we saw it after it had been painted, we all said "Oh no!"
We always referred to it as "The Snot" after that.
It is amazing how good some of these wraps look now!
If I were to go green, I would do a darker, forest green. I think that would look great.
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