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Greetings from the Suburbs of Philadelphia

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I just wanted to say hi to the group. I am a first time Porsche owner. I picked up the 718 Cayman S PDK in Agate Grey Metallic with -20mm PASM, 20" turbo wheels, sport chrono package, sport exhaust, etc. Love the ride--it's a giant killer.

I plan on keeping it 3 years and then moving into a GT3/GT4/911 Turbo. I personally feel that it will be VERY difficult for me to move away from a mid-engine road rocket with superb "slot car" handling and balance.


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Where in Philly? Are you a PCA member? If not, you need to join... best $46 you'll ever spend!
I am a Riesentoter Region member!
Congratulations. What were you driving around before the 718 as it seems you have a good taste for vehicles ;)
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