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GT4 scoops painted and installed

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No, these are genuine Porsche parts. I purchase from Sun Coast Porsche, I had body shop fill in logo and paint and install them for me. You remove the stock insert and install the GT4 insert, they clip in. Once you have the insert installed then the GT4 scoops clip into these.
Thanks for that, the only reason I’ve avoided them was because I didn’t want to mess with tape. Just another thing to get now!
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I pulled the trigger on these. Looking to have the GT4 filled in as well, do you think the filler may have a chance to crack?
I think that done correctly they should be fine, on my GTS for over 3 years before I sold it, not a hint of cracking, FWIW they were done at a professional body shop.
And here I was going to fill it in with some silicone caulk and bust out my paint by numbers brushes. 🤣

I'll be taking them to my local Porsche body shop.
This has me excited, I always wanted these but was not willing to use tape as a means of attaching
Let us know once you get them what they look like and what the install entails. Still not sure why most sites say they are applied with tape.
Most that I’ve found are aftermarket. They only have the option of tape. I’ve looked at these before but the description is terrible in that it does not tell you all it comes with and they still mention tape for the install?

I just received email that this part is on backorder... so this could be awhile until I can report back.
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HD, can you confirm that the part numbers you ordered were the same as Korung posted from Suncoast? My dealer came up with something different. What part was on back order?
Sorry, this is all the info I have. I would assume when it's shipped I'll get a true packing list?

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@HooosierDaddy no worries, just thought that I would check before reaching out to a buddy of mine and asking him to order up a set for me...
for $230... figured I couldn't go wrong.
Here are the parts that you get, I have arranged them in the order you'll use to assemble. The way these lock in on each other, there is no chance of this thing coming off or needing tape to hold it in place.

The intake (black piece) clips inside the scoop and once the black piece is in the car there is no way to remove the scoop other than to completely remove the intake.

excuse the dirty garage rug!










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Thanks for posting.

Does that mean I got to take off my intake to take out my current black piece?
No, I referred to the black piece as the intake. I guess it would also be a scoop?
checked with my local dealer for a quote on the painting.... wasted trip! Those fools are fuggin crazy! Sorry it's crumpled, I dug it out of the trash to show the insanity.

Went to the local German body shop and he quoted me $100-$150 each for the same thing. Wants the car for a day so he can ensure they match and even gave me a tour of his facility and the cars he's been restoring. He came highly recommended and after meeting him I'm 100% comfortable with him doing the work.

Dealer - $717.00 (Minimum)
Indy Shop - $300 (Max)

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@HooosierDaddy the dealer quote for painting the scoops is what I call a 'stink bid', they don't really want to do it but if you are OK with the $717 rip off, sure they'll take it on... (n)
Yea, I just don't get 9 hours of labor? Plus they quoted it as if it were an insurance claim?

They're also a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealer and those being the core of their body shop work. They need a dedicated Porsche body shop, because I don't want to leave the Porsche dealer to visit the Dodge body shop.

Also... I now remember how this same shop is the one that buggered up the Satellite antenna replacement with a dented roof, scratched rear quarters and runs in the paint on the antenna. It was a warranty issue so I took it to the Porsche dealer... ends up they sent it to Dodge next door :mad:.

Its good now, but they had to have a third party make the repairs after 2 failed attempts. Should have left the stupid antenna alone, it's not like I subscribe to XM Radio, but I so want my car to be a 100%.
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Car is at body shop today for the painting. I know your going to ask why do they need the car? Well this guy will not paint by code alone, wants the car to ensure the paint matches Perfectly.
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The problem with a unique colour is matching said colour! He's apparently having trouble getting it just right. I appreciate the desire for perfection, I just hope he achieves it! Tomorrow makes 5 days... not a huge deal just getting antsy to have it back! It's just two scoops (not ice cream) so I understand the need to keep up with the normal schedule on jobs that actually pay the bills. Anyway... that's my sob story for the day!

On the plus side, Model 3 got window tint today! Glass roof was getting a little toasty on the old bald spot.
I forget what unusual colour you car is, some paint-to-sample tri-coat metallic?

At least you have started on this, I ordered mine on a few days after you did and they don't appear to have shipped yet!!
It's just Miami Blue? Sure it's a premium (very premium price apparently) colour but noting that's one off.
The suspense is killing me lol! Did you have the gt4 lettering filled in too?
I did

as nice looking as the lettering is, I felt it tacky to have the GT4 on a non GT4 car. The lettering is more subtle that previous years, not quite as deep or pronounced.
You could have opted for just deleting the "G"... Having it say T4 would not be wrong :LOL:
Now you come up with this idea!

All painted and ready for install. But... I want to have them PPF’d and was advised to give them 30 days to gas out. Don’t want to risk install > removal > PPF > reinstall so I’ll just wait the 30 days to put them on after they’ve been protected.
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I couldn't take it any more... staring at me while I'm trying to work!

Installed the scoops today, not hard to do but I'm not sure I like it??? I'll leave them on for a bit to see in different lighting situations, but I don't know... Could just be that it's different and I'm not use to it.









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I can hear the intake sucking more! Not that it's sucking more air, but the scoop is directing sound to my open window! 👍
I think it's the whole package... If the car had black wheels, I feel like this would add to the menacing look. But with the Turbo wheels it's more of a sleek sexy look that I added muscle too? I'm going to leave them on, see if they grow on me, but for now I'm not feeling it.
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