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GT4 scoops painted and installed

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Curious to see more installation procedures as well. Everything I have seen indicates that double sided tape is required. This is the first i am hearing otherwise.
Will take pictures mid week when I return from a trip and do the install. This is a direct replacement as if you had a damaged GT4. That means that the grill basket has a single crossbar vs the 2 bar that we all have now. ( maybe that is where the confusion lies ). The scoop clips into the basket the same way the basket snaps into the panel. This creates a one piece structure -step one. No tools , no clips - just install the grill basket in reverse order of the original -step two.
Perhaps the single bar GT4 version of the side vent has the required holes to allow it to snap into place while the double bar side vents on the non GT4 models does not have these holes thus requiring the use of adhesive?
Here’s my invoice from SunCoast for the side scoops with the part #’s. I did not receive any 3 M tape or hardware. The baskets clip in place of the stock ones and the. Scoops clip into the baskets. Hope this helps.
What are the "baskets"? Is this another part in addition to the side scoops?
This has me excited, I always wanted these but was not willing to use tape as a means of attaching
Let us know once you get them what they look like and what the install entails. Still not sure why most sites say they are applied with tape.
Wow 5 days sure does seem like a lot for the scoops. I would think something like that could even be a same day turnaround.
I wouldnt think it would be that hard to color match. The guys at bumperplugs will send you color matched items without even having your car.
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The suspense is killing me lol! Did you have the gt4 lettering filled in too?
Color match looks spot on.

Im with you though on being unsure if I like it. I defintely dont dislike it, but not sure its necessarily an improvement. Just different.
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Maybe taking it out and getting some shots further back would look a little better? That way you could get a more encompassing sense of how they interact with the car.
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