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GTS 4.0 Ground Clearance vs other 718 models

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Porsche lists the “Max. ground clearance (steel suspension)” as 4.4 inches. I find this confusing given that the standard config has a 20mm lowered Sport PASM suspension. That would make its clearance higher than the base config 718 model, which everyone seems to agree is 4.3”. Would that 4.4” measurement be for a different point on the chassis compared to the base model measurement? Porsche website doesn’t even list ground clearance for any of the models besides the GTS 4.0. So maybe the often cited 4.3” clearance for the base model is wrong?

Another data point… the clearance for the base 911 is listed as 4.7”. So in general, the 718s are lower than the 911s?
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Maybe they measured from a bolt on a lower control arm or something. Now I am curious, I'll have to measure a couple of spots on mine (S-PASM GTS) when I get home
I just put a tape measure under the car from floor to the panel under the seats (random choice), and it is indeed just shy of 4.5" on a GTS 4.0 with S-PASM (-.75" from standard)
just checked my bumper, and the lip of the spoiler is about 6.5" of clearance, and the winglet in front of the front wheel is about 3.5" of clearance
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