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Hail Protection at work

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Yes, I saw the car cover SF thread....

I live in Colorado which is ground zero for hail. I have been researching a hail blankets online. Anyone have any experience with using one? Seems all the ones I see are poor quality. I want this in case I am at work and golfball size hail is on its way. My desk is about 10 feet from my car, so I can store the hail blanket in my office---it doesn't need to fit in car. Yes, I have seen all the Facebooks picts of people using swimming pool noodles, etc.

Thoughts? Advice?

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Watch the radar, alerts, pray and run! Fortunately I work from home so unless I'm out and about my cars are garaged. And when I did go into an office I was lucky to have a spot in the buildings garage.
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