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Hard Shift into 2nd, Normal Mode @ Low RPM

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I've had a couple of loud hard shifts into 2nd gear. It seems that it's happened when I'm in Normal mode, full Auto and going slowly in a parking lot. The car shifts into 2nd gear at a low RPM and makes that loud hard shift.

Why does the car do this? Shouldn't it be waiting for a higher RPM before doing this, as it does in Sport or Sport Plus?

Is there a workaround besides using the paddles in Normal when driving really slowly or just running in Sport or Sport Plus? I'd rather not care anyone coming out of Whole Foods with sounding like I'm going to barrel through the parking lot.

By the way, thank you all for the help with the questions I've been having. I love the car and want to understand it and do right by it.
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Warm or cold car?
I think it's been cold, but I'm going to test it out a little more and see if it ever happens when warm. I'm still working on being able to reproduce it, so I don't get to a dealer and look like a hypocondriac.

Then i would not be worried :)
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