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Hardwire radar detector

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Has anyone hardwired a radar detector using an add a circuit? And where did you ground?
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I'm really interested in this thread. I posted a question about installing a ALP system and possible warranty infractions in the general forum.

Are you guys concerned about installing MirrorTap and it voiding your warranty? I'm worried about basically doing any mods and running into issues.

I'm also looking at a regular RD system in addition to the ALP. I'm looking at a Radenso Pro M because of the native visor mount for it (although I'm told the Uniden R1 would be best for my area - all Ka band 35.5 and laser). I'm in California and it's illegal to mount anything on the windshield. I'm concerned that any dash mount suction cup system won't hold or be positioned high enough to be effective. I have the Sport Chrono package, so any dash mount would be on the passenger side.

Since you guys are tuned into RD systems, I'd love to hear your thoughts. My 718 is my daily driver and I have a 75 mile commute to work each way. My route has numerous speed traps.
A couple of options to explore for the RD mount- If you are interested in an R1 the Radenso XP visor mount is compatible. I run an R3 on one and it works great. I actually have it mounted to the headliner in my BMW to get it further up and out of the way. Another option, is a BlendMount. If you are not familiar, it mounts to to the rearview mirror neck and allows the RD to sit just below the mirror. I've got my CS set up this way. By the way, I'm in Georgia and the same rule applies with regards to attaching anything to the windshield.

In both cases I use a MirrorTap to get power to the detectors. Not really worried about dealerships not honoring a warranty claim since it would be very difficult to break a car system using a MirrorTap. I have an issue myself since I'm going from the R3 to R7, I'll need a different set-up in the BMW.
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