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Hardwire radar detector

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Has anyone hardwired a radar detector using an add a circuit? And where did you ground?
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I'm really interested in this thread. I posted a question about installing a ALP system and possible warranty infractions in the general forum.

Are you guys concerned about installing MirrorTap and it voiding your warranty? I'm worried about basically doing any mods and running into issues.

I'm also looking at a regular RD system in addition to the ALP. I'm looking at a Radenso Pro M because of the native visor mount for it (although I'm told the Uniden R1 would be best for my area - all Ka band 35.5 and laser). I'm in California and it's illegal to mount anything on the windshield. I'm concerned that any dash mount suction cup system won't hold or be positioned high enough to be effective. I have the Sport Chrono package, so any dash mount would be on the passenger side.

Since you guys are tuned into RD systems, I'd love to hear your thoughts. My 718 is my daily driver and I have a 75 mile commute to work each way. My route has numerous speed traps.
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I'm going the Blendmount/MirrorTap route. When I do the car selector, it suggests the 15" connector, as opposed to the 10" connector. It seems like 15" would leave a lot of slack. The DC plug looks like one of the molded plugs, so I don't think an installer would clip and reconnect on the end - perhaps the other end is easier to cut and reattach?

Those of you who have this type of setup, do you remember if you went with the 15" or 10"? Does the 15" leave a lot of slack? I'd rather not have to wrap the extra cable around the BlendMount arm and have it look clean.

I've got an email into BlendMount about this, but would love to hear from someone who has this type of install.

I'd recommend the 15" as well.

I re-used an older one, which is 12", and it seemed a little tight. You can easily put any extra slack in the overhead console portion.
Great, thank you.
I ordered a BlendMount and MirrorTap today and wanted to give them a plug for being a really nice company to deal with. They returned emails and phone calls promptly and were very helpful, going beyond my expectations.
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