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Heated Steering Wheel

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The interminable wait is over and I finally got my 718C. I have been too busy to take/post photos but I will try to do so shortly. I absolutely love it, but a first world problem has arisen. I wanted the multifunction steering wheel and didn't care if it was heated (I live in LA). When making large turns of the steering wheel I keep hitting the heater button. During the 2+ days I have had the car I have tried to train myself to avoid the button, but I have found that it is perfectly placed for accidental activation. My question is, is there a way to deactivate the button, either in the settings (I haven't found one but haven't had the time to thoroughly research it) or physically (for example, pulling a fuse)?

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No "off" option that I can find.

I have learned how not to move my hands as much as I used to (the steering is much quicker) or avoid it when I do. I now only hit it once a month or so.:)

p.s. I live in a desert by the sea too, but it is wonderful on cold mornings, soothing my arthritis.
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