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Hello all!

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I own a 718 Cayman GTS and I love it! l discovered the forum some days ago and I am liking it very much, here are some pictures of my car to celebrate it's first birthday!


Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Sports car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Yellow
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Supercar
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Road Yellow
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Thank you all, that road is incredible, about 80 tunnels in the Mexican Sierr. I had an amazing time in mazatlan
Wow nice car and an interesting part of Mexico, can you provide a name reference so I can explore it on Goggle?
It is the road that connects Durango mex with mazatlán which is a nice beach, the water is enjoyable and has beautiful scenery all throughout the road, I made a 1000+ KM (620+ miles) and enjoyed the car very much. I attached a link to a youtube video I found.

I will post more pictures of that roadtrip later today
Wow! incredible roadway, didn't notice a lot of services along the route either, very rigged terrain!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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