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Hello everyone! Current RS3 owner contemplating a GTS

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Hello folks!

I live in the DFW area and have been blessed with being able to own many different cars in the last 20+ years. I've cars like, EVO IX, heavily modified nissan Sentra with SR20DET swaps, new gen Camaro SS, Focus ST, Audi S3 and now an RS3.

My RS3 currently has every suspension mod available in the aftermarket along with stage 2+ mods, and produces a healthy 620hp on E85.

However, having owned many fast cars, I come to realize that its really the experience of driving on regular streets vs. wide open throttle on the highway. I want a car where I look forward to going to a grocery store a few blocks away just so that I can get into my car and simply drive...

The suspension mods on my RS3 has certainly made that more enjoyable; however, like with any addiction issues, I want more and unfortunately, I feel that my RS3 has hit its limit on the fun factor of just driving down the street with a few turns. Its now to the point that I have to drive my car at least 7/10ths to really get anything out of it.

And voila - the 718 Cayman GTS is now on my shopping list along with the M2 Comp. and Giulia Quad.
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