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Hello from Arizona

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Hello from Arizona, I’ve been enjoying my 2017 Boxster S now since December, it’s Guards Red with 20 inch Turbo wheels and Expresso and Tan leather interior! This is my 2nd Boxster and 5th Porsche and I just had to get back into that open air motoring! Cheers Jim:laugh:
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Welcome. Much location envy from me. It's still like winter here in northern Illinois. Arizona was where I first developed a fondness for Porsche's. 1988 up on old route 666 near Hannagan meadow I had a guy in an 87 Whale Tail pass me, I was on an 86 Kawasaki Concours and I ended up dicing it with the guy for about 20 miles. We traded lead back and forth so many times it would've been impossible to count. I had a friend that was on a Honda Nighthawk and when I quit and pulled over, it took a good 20 minutes at the side of the road before my buddy came along. The sound of that car has been embedded in my mind since then, and it created a desire to someday own a Porsche. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I finally accomplished that.
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