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Hello from Cheshire - looking for input/encouragement.

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Good day All,

First and foremost, what a great forum! I am a die hard, car crazy type since I can remember and do belong to quite a few forums. So after reading many a posts, I have to say, it feels like a good place to be :)

Background/story/decision time help needed!

I've never owned a Porsche but have been around them via friends and past employment. Currently I have a Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition which I absolutely cherish and it's a keeper, for now.

I also have a Defender 90 which while I do love it, it is not getting used and that itch has been scratched. So my journey to Porsche started with the idea of trading it for a Certified Pre-Owned Boxster which eventually lead to a few retailer visits.

Last night had me at Porsche Chester and can't say enough on how well I was treated. I viewed their stock but nothing was hitting my fancy. I am now in the process of possibly putting in a factory order to my spec. I am set to a budget which nets me either almost base spec Boxster 718 S, well optioned Base or there is the T - this by the way has a much better residual value than the Base.

Test drives are booked for Saturday to compare the S to the Base and for me personally, I think 300PS is more than enough for the B roads around here.

The issue I am trying to solve is if I'm silly to be overlooking the Cayman and/or sacrificing my personal spec choice and not taking advantage of dealer demo's which are heavily discounted. There is a STUNNING Miami Blue Cayman S with Sport Tex Crayon split done interior, all the right options etc. it's a 2017 and significantly cheaper due to it being used.

I appreciate this is down to me to make the decision but am curious to hear some feedback if you may.

Some might ask why I would want to have two convertibles. The Morgan only ever comes out during dry and sunny weather where as this will be used year round.

If anyone on here is from Cheshire (close to Crewe/Chester), I would love to meet up and pick your brain on your experience.

Sorry for the long intro and so many questions. :)

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I'm quite surprised that the dealers don't give much in the way of discount for a new order. For the OPC pre-registered car I purchased a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get 22% (£15k) off the list price. Admittedly, I am effectively the second owner but it only had 30 miles on it & had never been driven. It was registered by Porsche UK in Aug 19 & unused - it didn't even have plates on it when I saw it before purchase. I guess what I'm saying is that they seem to be quite a few pre-reg cars knocking about at the moment which will have bigger discounts - of course I understand the argument about finding the right (used) spec for you against your own tailored order...

Anyway good luck with the purchase.
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