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Hello from North Carolina (US). On the waiting list for a new Cayman.

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Hi all. What a great forum. Joined a few days ago once I was confident I would be buying a Porsche (my first) -- the base Cayman in this case. I had a chance to test drive a 2018 Cayman S (PDK) today to be sure the Cayman in general lived up to my expectations. Because of Covid restrictions, the salesman could not come with me. So he just handed me the keys and said just be back in about 20 minutes. I think it was closer to 30 when I returned. :)

Some impressions, leaving out the engine, since I would be getting the 2.0L, except to say that it was much quieter than I expected:
  • The PDK shifting with the gear lever is so quick -- very short travel. I'll probably used the paddle shifters more, but I did like that hand lever.
  • The car had the GT sport steering wheel. I can't say how it feels compared to the standard wheel, but I liked it.
  • The seats were the standard sport seats with 14-way. They were firmer than I expected. I would want to have the Sport Seat Plus for longer drives, which is what I had planned to get anyway (2-way), based on the comments and reviews I've seen for both SP and SP+ seats.
  • The small open compartment behind the center console which can be replaced by the smokers package, is much smaller than online pictures seem to convey. There are very few useful items it could store, but I'll probably pass on the smoker's package even if it does provide an additional 12V socket. Hmmm.
  • The SA said that the factory has only taken orders through March builds at this point, so it will be months before I can even place my build order -- he gave me about an 8-month delivery time. Not surprised, but ugh.
Anyway, $500 down just to get in their queue for new car builds. I'm guessing it will be at least January before my order can be placed. Good things come to those that wait -- whether or not they have any choice in the matter! ;)
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Welcome! I am also in NC (Raleigh). Where are you?

A couple of personal observations about the seats. I was all set on the 18-way Sports seats until I did an extended test drive on those. I am tall with broad shoulders, and those seats were an absolute torture device for me. The upper side bolsters dug into my shoulders incessantly, even at their widest setting. I would strongly advise that you try those seats out (or the 2-ways) before selecting them.

I ended up with the 14-ways, which I find to be extremely comfortable. Just the right amount of side bolstering for my frame. As far as the firmness--the seats are firmer than my former M4's, and yet much more comfortable over long drives. I presume that they are just designed more ergonomically than the BMW's.
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Hi Sraj,

I'm in the Raleigh area as well. I definitely do plan to check out those seats before I order. At my current position on the waiting list, I expect it will be at least December / January before I can submit an order. So a Porsche of one model or another with those seats should show up locally by then. 🤞

I did read that the SSPs can be a problem for taller or broader people, but that for most every one else, the larger bolsters don't present a problem. My wife and I are not tall nor wide / overweight, so I'm expecting they'll be fine for us. The one review I read that pushed me toward the SSP seats said that they are softer / more cushiony. So that's my main motivation in thinking that they would be easier on us on a longer drive. Thanks for the welcome and for your input.
I would have selected those as well, if I had fit in them. Good luck!
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