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Hey Hey, I'm 31, and a long time car enthusiast, mostly Japanese imports but Porsche has always been on my radar.
Now that I have a profession that doesn't involve slacking off, my fiance and I are looking to get a 3rd vehicle, hopefully the up and coming GT4.

Our local porsche dealer will be hosting an open house shortly and they have some 718s in stock, admittedly I have not even driven one yet so this will be a great chance.

The local fraeser valley has always has some excellent driving roads and I'd love nothing more than to put miles on a 718.
Hopefully even the European delivery option if our schedule works out. This includes track time for Canadians!

All in all I'm pretty excited to be part of the community, I really hope the dealership I've been talking to can pull through and put my name on a waiting list.
I look forward to learning from this community and feel free to shout out!
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