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Hi there!

Glad to be here as this means that I'm getting a 718 in the not so distant future.

My previous ride was MY17 Macan GTS that I just sold. Got it new and configured the way I liked.
Great car all around (especially during winter time) but since I'm quite familiar with Porsche's sports cars there was always something "peppery" missing.
Selling a car was no brainer as my wife has VW Golf GTI MK7.5 MT (3 door) which is both practical and exciting to drive .

Was considering BMW M2C but getting in that interior after a Macan (considering the price) was a deal breaker.

Oh, forgot to mention what was the main reason to sell Macan. As soon as I heard the news about GTS 4.0 I went to my dealership confirming my desire to get this car. Funny thing is that they didn't really know much about the car yet and had to check about available allocations. So I got the first one arriving in June. The next one is only for September.

To be honest I have never considered T4 cayman (for the reasons that are not safe to discuss here ;) ) even though I have driven lots of them (including GTS) and I agree with everyone who says it is a great driving car. My all time favourite is a 991.2 GT3 which is just too rare and too expensive. So GTS 4.0 sounds like a perfect choice for me.

There goes my build:
PLZDGK63 (doesn't let me post a link)

And I know we all like pictures :):




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