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Hey Guys!

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Im daniel and im from long island ny. Ive had my 718 for quite a while now, didnt know there was a forum until now so here i am. Im actually eager to see who else has a cayman or boxster here on long island so we could do cruises together but thats a different story. My car is known as "clipped" since thats the license plate hahaha ill post a photo of it


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Um, well that 18% of your car we can see looks nice. Maybe you have a better photo?
Hahahaha sure well actually its saying all my photos are too large, i guess RAW files are to large to upload here
these two were able to go up though


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idk why theyre coming out so grainy, but if you have instagram you could check mine out @clipped.718
Welcome! Born and raised in Brooklyn NY.......watch where you park!
hahahaha im from a little sheltered town in long island
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Glad to hear it; if you where from NYC or the surrounding boroughs you would have to be careful where you park otherwise your car would look like a raisin.?
lmfao this is true, im out there often though
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