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Hi to everyone

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Just got on the list to order a 718 in June or July. Building a 718 Boxster S. But I am really on the fence of going forward or picking up a remaining 2016 Boxster GTS. I am waiting to drive a demo to see how it handles and most interested in how the turbo 4 is going to sound, as I am a big fan of the NA 6 wail. I am a bit concerned I might have to but the build order off until the PSE becomes available, no one at local porsche dealer seems to know what the final build options will be, or when they will be available. I love the new look.
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Nice! Did you happen to save the spec page? Would like to see how you spec'd out your 718.

What other vehicles do you currently own?
The bigger engine is what i'm going to miss, looks like we won't get the 3.8 that I think is coming to an end. One of my favorite engines and it just sounds amazing.
Base Price 718 Boxster S
Price for Equipment
Destination Charge
Total Price*
Exterior Color
Roadster Top in Black
Interior Color
Leather Package in Black/Bordeaux Red
Premium Package (Sport Seats, 14-way)
Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)
Automatically Dimming Mirrors with Integrated Rain Sensor
2-Zone Automatic Climate Control
Seat Heating
Model Designation Painted Exclusive
Supplemental Safety Bars in Exterior Color
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
PASM Sport Suspension (20 mm Lower)
Sport Chrono Package
Sport Tailpipes in Black Exclusive
20" Carrera S Wheels
Wheel Accessories
Wheels Painted in Platinum Satin Exclusive
Heated Multifunction Steering Wheel
Power Sport Seats (14-way) with Memory Package
Smoking Package
Instrument Dials in Bordeaux Red Exclusive
Sport Chrono Clock Dial in Bordeaux Red Exclusive
Interior Leather
Extended Interior Package, Door Panel in Leather Exclusive
Audio and Communications
Navigation Module for Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
BOSE® Surround Sound System
Total Price:*
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I have the BMWs in my signiture currently, sold my 2007 997TT about a year ago. Fantastic car, just so much fun and scary fast. I have been itching for a new Porsche ever since. Wanted to try something different this time, my 997 was a coupe, but I love the drop top when I am in california, and I am not a big fan of 911 cabs, they just dont look right to me, but the boxster looks as if it was designed as a cab from the beginning.
Do you like the 911 Targa? I love them, had a chance to see on in person and it's quite impressive to me, good toy for me and the wife to ride around on some decently long road trips.
I have never been a targa fan either, but I have never driven the new ones.
My first experience with one was on the mark 4 supra, then the NSX, so over time it has grown on me but being a Porsche guy as well... it's hard not to go for the coupe, it's one of those opportunities where getting it as a coupe 'completes' it best.
well just submitted to the dark side. I decided to pass on the 718 for the time being and purchased a CPO 2014 C4S Cab, for the price of the 718 S I was able to get a pristine 911 which had an original MSRP of $140,000.
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well just submitted to the dark side. I decided to pass on the 718 for the time being and purchased a CPO 2014 C4S Cab, for the price of the 718 S I was able to get a pristine 911 which had an original MSRP of $140,000.
That's what i've been noticing. I'm actually noticing since the release of the 718 more people can justify getting a CPO GT4! It really doesn't get better than that. Even when brand new it was easy to justify getting one.

How's the paint on your CPO C4S? Did the previous owner take good care of it?
the 911 C4S is GT Silver with black interior, really is a beautiful car. The paint and body are in excellent shape, looks to have been taken care of with great care. A lot of car for the price I paid. Something to think about when ordering a new 718
Congratulations. That is a lot of car for the money. I have owned quite a few Porsches. 356's, 911's, Boxsters. A agree with your comment that the 911 Cabs don't look quite right. For me it's the rear end that looks too bulbous. The 981 Boxsters and the new 718's do have a great look to them. The 718 performance numbers are very impressive. I have always bought used. I can never seem to justify the "out the door" depreciation. However, this time I am going to take the plunge and order a new 718 S. My biggest dilemma is exterior color and wheels. Miami Blue (may get tired of it quickly), Graphite Blue Metallic (too dull?), or White, which looks spectacular with the Platinum Satin 20" Carrera S wheels.
Too many choices!
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If you want a classic color, maybe the white would be the way to go.
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