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How do you stop gravel/sand noise under car??

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Ok, so I thought it was just bad roads that contributed to all the clanking and banging from loose gravel and pebbles under the car and wheel wells. It's not just the roads... or in my head! A buddy of mine was jogging on a road that was scarified (digging up for new top layer of pavement) he noticed a BMW went by.. no noise... then a Porsche and he told me he almost laughed out loud as all he could hear was rocks/pebbles clanking underneath that car.

I did a quick search and it appears the some Porsches (991s as example... and 718s) indeed have little protection or insulation under the wheel wells and this is definitely more of an issue for 'us'. My car is new so I haven't rolled under to see what it's like but there has to be a way to quiet this down? It's so **** annoying. I know @Viffermike had a post mentioning this somewhere. How can you guys ignore this? It's more prevalent on side streets but it's so nasty.
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I have never had a car kick gravel up as much as my Boxster. I drive so slow on my block not to kick it up. Once on the main roads this is not an issue. Kicking up the gravel is it doing any damage to the paint or is just going around the wheel wells?
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